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Janet writes

‘Our God is God who sees, I was very cast down and my spirit was terribly weak, and discouraged. As I open my phone to check my mail the first topic I saw was:

“Janet, don’t give up! The fact that enemies are beating you black and blue doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Just take it one step, one punch, one round at a time”

That’s our coach in action as if he saw my predicament! SHALOM.’

Gina prayed

‘Every dark river of marriage distress flowing to me from my father’s, mother’s or my in-laws’ place dry up now in Jesus’ name’

A simple secret...

From: elisha

Dear Christian Friend,

Calvary greetings!

There’s a simple secret that JESUS taught me 17 years ago.

About praying and receiving answers… quickly.

In a moment, I’d like to share it with you, if you’ll let me. But first…

Did you know that many times when you pray for God to bless you, HE actually does?

But the blessings somehow get lost, stolen, delayed, exchanged, even buried or destroyed altogether in transit (in the spirit realm) behind your back…

…while you wait endlessly and wonder why your prayers never seem to receive any answers, like that of others.

Why is this?

Because there are “pirates” and “vampires” in the spirit realm. (You see a classic example in the book of Daniel chapter 10).

Their main assignment is to steal or block blessings from people before they have a chance to receive them. They go about this unholy task in many ways.

Some of their evil strategies are…

Evil Strategy #1:

They manipulate people away from their place of blessing, and instead redirect their footsteps into a wilderness where there is no water

Evil Strategy #2:

They mark unsuspecting people with invisible ink … making it almost impossible for good things to come into their hands (Note: This is a VERY powerful secret in the spirit realm).

Evil Strategy #3:

They overwhelm people with many problems from different angles so they never have any breathing space to pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

Evil Strategy #4:

They place HIDDEN BLOCKS that cripple the spirit, soul and body. For example, when certain objects have been placed in the womb, many women will find it difficult to have babies.  

(Hint: These spiritual objects cannot be detected by even the most sophisticated technology available today!) 

What Happens To All The Wonderful Divine Benefits That God Daily Appoints For Such People?

Unfortunately, these are immediately spirited away…

..into huge, giant warehouses in the invisible realm…

…where they are sooner or later re-distributed among the agents of darkness.

Yes, many spouses and spouses-to-be are in the enemy’s cage…

… and they need to be released through prayers!


When things have deteriorated to this level, it takes MORE that faith…

…it takes more than POSITIVE CONFESSION to recover and make progress.

Please don’t let anyone deceive you that you don’t have faith.

Most likely you have have faith enough…

…it’s just that it will take MORE than faith to undo the damage that’s been done already.

At this point I’ll encourage you to stop reading long enough to fire this strong prayer bullet:

“You powers diverting my blessings in the spirit, I bury you today in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Back to what the Lord Jesus taught me 17 years ago.

There is something called the “Oil of the Spirit.”

Many refer to it as:

The anointing.

Once the oil of the Spirit has been stolen (or hijacked) from your life, dryness sets in.

Before long it spreads like a cancer…

…and begins to manifest in a desert marriage, loss of finances, rebellious children…

…wilderness ministry, inability to focus on one thing to completion, depression, discouragement, and even poor and failing health.

In short, everything turns into a desert… very quickly.

But there is good news.

You can recover ALL you have lost using the long-lost key of targeted prayer.

The Lord Jesus has made a way for you to recover what has been stolen from you…

…so you can break fresh grounds rapidly this year and beyond. Since 2005 when He told me to begin sharing selected “prayer bullets” online…

…ordinary Christians just like you (from 117 countries) have been stepping forward…

…to confirm these have helped them (and can help you) to enter into the realm of breakthroughs such as:

You see examples of these breakthroughs all over our websites and in our daily prophetic emails to our prayer community members.

You Can Join Our Eagles' Prayer Community Today

With that singular decision, you will begin to destroy witchcraft obstacles on your way …

… using prayer “bullets” and Scriptures that most people have never even heard of.

And here’s the best part:

You don’t have to do this alone…

"What I particularly admire about the Forum are the constant words of encouragement especially for those ... ... who have missed out on a midnight prayer for various reasons, break a fast early, or feel that are falling behind. These words of encouragement fuel the desire to keep pushing through and that the setbacks are not failures. Amen to the Eagles for always lifting everyone's spirit." -- LORIMA

What's Next?


On the next page, you will see 3 signup options.

Each option will take you through 13 weeks of one-of-its-kind prayer coaching.

This is unlike anything you have ever seen.

At the end of that period, your access will be upgraded so you can join the group of thousands of prayer eagles who have completed this same program in the past 16 years.

Many of them are now ministers, prophets, pastors, etc. with a wealth of experience and war stories to help you quickly mature as a victorious prayer eagle.

You select one of the options.

After your complete your transaction, you will receive a WELCOME EMAIL within 24 hours…

…plus your login details into the Prayer Academy Forum where you will join others for the Lessons of the Prayer Academy.

You will discover how simple and straightforward it is to go through the lessons with others around to help you every step of the way.

Now, if you’ll allow yourself to follow a few simple instructions — With your targeted prayers at the midnight hour …

PLUS the support of a global army of prayer eagles…

  • You will get out of debt.
  • You will STOP dream attacks.
  • You will overcome rejection.
  • You will return evil arrows back to senders (without any apologies).
  • You will REBUILD what the enemy thought they had destroyed, whether it be
    • Your Marriage
    • Dream Job
    • Love
    • Respect
    • Joy

Since you’ve read this far please take it from me (whether you believe it or not):

You were born to be a prayer eagle (a.k.a. your own personal prophet).

It’s a high calling. Live up to it.

Psalm 82 verse 6:

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”


Thank you for your time

Be An Overcomer!