Announcement: A quick – and important – message for 2016 ..


Using The Secrets In These Handbooks, We Recorded Over 5000 PROOF Testimonies (Like These Ones) On Our Websites In A Few Short Years…

“The Lord Did It … I Got Married”

“I have heard so much about this site. A close friend sent me your prayer points for single women.  I did pray regularly and guess what? The Lord did it. I got married on 7th June this year at a very lovely function and we give God all the glory.

As a newly married lady, I’d like to dedicate my marriage to God and start praying for it… thanks and God bless you.”

Irene, Zimbabwe

Customer Testimonial: Just look at what our customers are saying....
“Mother In-law Recovers From Brain Surgery”

“God said that on the last days great things shall manifest and honestly in our hearts joining the Prayer Academy is a divine gift.  Our ministry to God become a joyful, inspiring thing daily. My mother in law  was operated twice in the brain and everyone said that we might not see her again. Yet God is faithful. She was healed and  now she’s better than before, her recovery was so fast. Thank God for the anointed prayer bullets.”                            

– Jean, Saudi Arabia

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From Me.

When you’re ready, I insist that you send me your most important spiritual challenge —  anything that keeps you awake at night — anything you need serious help with — and I will give you the most intense, uncensored, customized analysis and advanced spiritual review you’ve ever experienced.

This personal access is priceless. And you cannot put a value on it…

My advice isn’t theory or guess-work, either.

My advice is based entirely on a very specific “gift” that enables me to come up with the right prayer point for almost every situation you can imagine…

And this personal attention is just for starters.

You also get…

4 Prayer Handbooks Each Focused on a Specific Area of Your Life, Including:

Breakthrough Handbook #1: "Prayer of Caleb"

Besides my personal attention, you get a brand-spanking new copy of my book on wellness, divine health and youthfulness, “Prayer of Caleb”

This is the same step-by-step guidebook that is on the bookshelves of all my Prayer Academy graduates worldwide.

In this SLIM, result-focused book (it is just 91 pages), I explain step-by-step how you can APPLY scriptural secrets of divine health… to effect gradual and total restoration of your health, while renewing your YOUTH “like the eagle’s.” [Read More…]

We’re not done yet.

You also get:

Breakthrough Handbook #2: "The Dream CODE"

The complete Dream CODE ebook with detailed meaning of 91 significant dreams PLUS 111 prayer points to take care of them. 

Now, before any single disaster strikes, you will ALWAYS receive warnings in the dream, whether you realize it or not. And this warning goes out to everyone…

You’ll discover:

It’s like sitting down with me for an intense, private lesson on the meaning of 91 different dreams and the action you should take concerning them.  [Read More…]

Breakthrough Handbook #3: "Prayer DNA Secrets"

More than ever, it’s critical that you have the fundamentals of divine abundance and provisions right. The ebook is entitled “Prayer DNA Secrets” and it gives you an amazingly simple roadmap to help you enter into financial blessings … as FAST as possible. [Read More…]

Breakthrough Handbook #4: "Prayer Cookbook For Busy People"

Why are some receiving multiple breakthroughs while others have nothing to show for it ? Yes, there is a HUGE reason why some people seem to be getting all the blessings, while others have been struggling for years without anything to show for it. It is simple to understand this once someone takes the time to explain it to you. And that’s what I do in this original ebook  … explain in everyday language so you can see it plainly and take action, if necessary.

That means you get the ebook ‘Prayer Cookbook for Busy People” which comes with a  huge collection of prayer points, and a step by step explanation of how to use them effectively. [Read More…]

Breakthrough Handbook #5: "#1 Secret For Getting Out of Debt"

Just to make sure you understand every detail of how to  become debt-free in 2016 and beyond… I will include this amazing  ebook complete with 101 prayer points, entitled “#1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt That Nobody Talks About.”.  [Read More…]      

“YES, I want “COMPLETE 9-PIECE KIT” right now”

Now if you are interested in the complete package, you will receive much more than the handbooks.

I will also send you MORE prayer points specially customized for any situation you may face in 2016 and beyond.  

This is, essentially, to help you STOP playing  “Spiritual Hide & Seek“… and go on to become the person you were created to be, as quickly as possible! 


You also get to ask me (or my specially trained prayer advisors) personal questions and get your answers in 2 minutes through Live Chat when you visit a HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL Preferred Members page that I recently set up (10:00 AM – 4:00 PM GMT – Tuesdays / Thursdays only). Here you get to use online chat sessions to quickly get a-hold of sincere, anointed spiritual advice on almost any challenge that jumps at you! [Read More…]

Thank you for your time.

Be An Overcomer!

Elisha Goodman
2679 Howard Ave Suite 138
Windsor, ON N8X 3X2

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If you order any 2 ebooks today I will send you my Special Report on Spiritual Vampires

This is a very special SPECIAL REPORT for you.

If you’ve ever wondered why you pay tithes and give offerings, yet the windows of heaven have remained tightly shut … you need this manual.

This 18-page manual is NOT available for sale at any price. It’s released EXCLUSIVELY for active users of Prayer Cookbook for Busy People  and Prayer Academy students.

This manual is not available for sale. People regularly pay $39.95 for the handbook that comes with this manual, just to get their hands on it.. It’s yours free with your order today. I will send you the Spiritual Vampires Report ASAP by email.

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This is a program where you send me your questions on anything that is keeping you awake at night (and I mean ANYTHING) and I respond with a comprehensive strategy plus the exact prayer points to secure your victory. Right now, I have PROOF that the advice others have received in just one intense session alone has helped them over the top where years of trial and error had failed to yield results.

For example, stuck on a relationship problem? Need a release of finances? Looking for more success and abundance? Want to enjoy divine health? Seeking to understand your dreams? Then run it by me to see what I think and how YOU can get the results you desire.

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PPS: Half the seats have already been taken. We only admit 500 participants in the Prayer Academy at this time. So that I can give them personalized attention just like Irene above.  The 7 Lessons of the Prayer Academy contain information and prayer points I have never before shared publicly. After reading this letter I’ll ask you to do whatever you feel inspired to do. I believe I have done my part — by giving you the opportunity to be part of this… 

“Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
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