If you’re a believer in this 21st century struggling with unanswered prayers, please know this:

Your lack of victory is NOT because you don't have enough faith

or because you’re not making the right positive confessions…

or because you’re not receiving powerful prophecies from anointed ministers of God


The breakthroughs you desire are being held up because of something much more simple… and much easier to solve.

IF you’re willing to listen (and pray according to instruction)…

If you are finally ready to learn the first simple step to prayer that brings answers… let’s begin.

From: Elisha Goodman

Time: Tuesday 2:15 AM 

Calvary greetings…

Thousands of believers are no longer sure that God still answers prayers.

They get really upset when they read the testimonies of other believers……like Sandra.

She confessed: 

“There was a point in my life when I got so discouraged and angry at God because I did not see anything going well in my life, I would read the praise reports on this site and read the testimonies and would feel so low and discouraged”

– Sandra

But one day something happened that completely changed her perspective .

Let’s hear her out:

I have been following your ebullets and also applying them in my day to day life, but without any tangible breakthrough. There is a point in my life when I got so discouraged and angry at God because I did not see anything going well in my life.

I would read the praise reports on this site and read the testimonies and would feel so low and discouraged, I started hiding away from people because I was embarrassed and afraid to meet people.

I kept asking God what is happening to me and my family, every one around me is getting a breakthrough but not me and my family, I felt so alone, I would ask God:

Why did you make me intelligent if I cannot put my wisdom constructively into use?

However through all that God was always faithful to me, I had a very encouraging mother who would encourage me during my low moments.

God is great Elisha, He is the almighty and living God, he actually knows what I am going through he is always there for me, and how did he reach out to me…

When I had reached my lowest, I had even said I will stop praying to God and resort to the saints because somehow my Catholic friends who pray through the saints happen to have their prayers answered, so I asked God what does that all mean, I pray to you directly but I am getting nowhere, but for those who do not know you the way I know you are getting their breakthroughs.

That morning when I went to work, I opened my emails...

… and I saw an email from you, and it was from Leilane Zilio, and she was also talking about her situation.

I was humbled when I read her praise report, it was like God used her to get to me, and she made me understand that I should love God despite all situations and circumstances. I should look at my spiritual growth and not my physical or worldly growth.

After reading her praise report, I felt this calm and peace come over me, and I started praying to God with passion and zeal not because I was expecting something from Him but because, I now knew that through it all God is God and he is enriching me first in the most important areas, and that is spiritually.

Having understood the whole concept about God and prayer, I started praying and thanking God only and proclaiming his goodness, grace, righteousness and wisdom over my life.

A week after, there was a job advertisement for a very big job. I decided to apply for the position but not expecting anything because I did not have the qualifications or the experience. A day after, I received a phone call from the company that they would want to interview me.

Excited, I prayed to God and thanked him for the opportunity and asked him to guide me during the interview process.

When I went for the interview, it was as if I had the shroud of God’s confidence and calm around me. I was so calm and confident and I knew there and then that God was with me, I asked him to speak and He did speak because two days later, the company called me and told me that I was the best candidate.

I could not believe it, because everything happened so fast

This is a very big job, with a big salary close to four times what I am getting in my current job. It has so many benefits. I broke down, I didn’t know how to thank God or what to say to him, am still speechless and in a state of disbelief.

What has happened to me is a classic example of the stories in the Bible — God lifting someone from the last position and putting her in the first position. Praise God all those Christians who will read this testimony.

I want to encourage the Christians out there to never give up and that they are not alone, there are so many people going through the same thing that they are going through or even worse, but they have the Almighty Comforter, Healer, Redeemer with them.

He is always with them and in their worst moments when they feel like their backs are against the wall and they cannot take it any more, God will carry them.

God carried me through my worst moments...

He didn’t just walk with me during the storm, when it got worse, he held my hand, when it became unbearable he carried me and shrouded me. Hallelujah Hallelujah.

I cannot praise, thank laugh smile cry enough, My God is mighty. I feel like Job, because God did not only visit me with blessings, even my family that had been waiting for their temporary work permits received word that they had got their temporary work permits.

I mean how good does it get, when God gives he doesn’t give 90% 99% he gives 10,000% and more… Amen my brothers and sisters in Christ let us continue praying and thanking God. God bless you all immensely.

– Sandra

Are you on the verge of giving up?

SG was introduced to this website by her friend.

She wrote to me saying:

“I have been praying but it is like it is getting worse, marital life stagnant and finances are attacked I am so deep in debts.

I will find someone who will promise to marry but as we go on he will stop communicating. I am on the verge of giving up. Please help.” – SG

She is not alone.

There are thousands in the same boat.

But YOU do not need to go through this kind of problem.


Once you learn this key to answered prayers

…a whole new world opens.

In fact, your problems will begin to fear *you*.

You won’t be IN danger (of being overcome by them.)

You will be THE danger.

That means you will *teach* them to STAY out of your territory.

And, they will quietly whisper your name whenever they are asked about the people they are most afraid of.

Unlike SG here, Sandra whose testimony is at the top of this page, gives us a great example to follow.

She said: "I am angry at God" then one morning she went to work and opened this email...

And everything began to change for her from that day


12 years ago, the LORD directed me to set up something called the Eagles Prayer Academy … to do just 3 things

#1. Take the most powerful prayers that eagles have prayed since the dawn of Christianity…
#2. Update and put these prayers on the lips of average 21st century Christians… who desperately need urgent breakthroughs in their lives (please note the word: desperately)

#3. Coach them step-by-step to pray to the point of breakthroughs, miracles, signs and wonders.

How does it work?

The entire prayer program takes place online. 

All you need is a smartphone or PC.

There is no need to travel at all.

With your phone or PC, you simply log into a Members’ Forum where you can access prayer lessons and coaching sessions, along with other prayer eagles.

You can send me confidential questions on any issues while in the program and we would walk you through the prayers to address them.

As you read this, the Prayer Academy registration is still open (but not for long)…

… and the testimonies are already flowing.

Praise the LORD.

Fiorina wrote in saying:

“I actually sort of stumbled on your site. On November 3 I was searching the web for some scripture-based prayers and while surfing the web I came across your site, and began reading the intro under the site, opened it and started repeating some of the prayers. 

After finding the site I continued to go there everyday since and on November 7 to my amazement the anointing began to flow all over me and by around 10:30 a.m. I was gloriously filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. 

Each time I open your emails and began reading I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit on me and I just give God the glory and thank Him for the prayers you have made available to us. 

Even though they are in the Bible, it is a blessing to us who receive them from you, because you organize them in such a way that we can pray the specific prayer for our specific need, and I quite agree with you that even though some of us have been saved for years we still do not know how to pray aright, and I am sure one of those persons, that’s why I crave scriptural prayers all the time and I am thankful for the Holy Spirit directing me to your website. 

I have spoken in tongues in short intervals over the years, but on November 7 He really showed up to me in a big way, and I praise God for His goodness to me and to all those who have been so richly blessed; that’s why I am so desperate to be a part of the Prayer Academy and am thankful for receiving the Starter Prayer Program and will be looking forward to receiving the follow ups as the session goes on.”

Please pay close attention … this is GOOD NEWS for you!

I want to congratulate all those who, like Fiorina, were able to make it to the Prayer Academy.

The goal is for them to TAKE BACK all the divine benefits and blessings that the enemy has stolen from them so far …


Many people have been writing to me since the beginning of the year, desperately asking for other payment methods, other than those listed on the website.

If that is YOU …

Other ways to join the Prayer Academy - No credit cards required

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Be An Overcomer!


PS: This is for those who have never joined the Prayer Academy in the past.

After reading this letter I’ll ask you to do whatever you feel inspired to do. I believe we have done my part by……relentlessly reminding you through the daily email prayer bulletins that your dreams are ALWAYS within your reach……if only you’ll spare the time to discover how to pray focused, targeted prayers that get the job done.

Thank you for reading this far.

Even if you do not join us, I want you to be blessed…

… in a way that will surprise your friends and shock your enemies.

This one prayer you are about to pray has been responsible for hundreds of testimonies on our websites (and counting).

Please close your eyes and take this one prayer “bullet” in machine-gun fashion until the Holy Spirit tells you to stop:

“Earthquake of deliverance, shake out evil covenants and curses from my foundation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ”