How a dream helped John save the life of his wife …

thousands of miles away!

"Knowing How To Cancel Bad Dreams When You Wake Up Can Save Your Job, Your Home And Even The Life Of A Loved One … Someday."

"I Had A Dream And Saw The Company Issuing Layoff Letters To Staff!"

Somewhere in August 2008 our company due to hard economy conditions in US decided to give every worker financial gift. At the same period I had a dream and saw our company issuing out letters and and asking us to leave the company property!

I did not understand it so I prayed for the meaning. I did not want to believe that the company which was dishing out monetary gift can at the same time send us away in lay-off or anything of that sort.

In the course of my prayers my dream was confirmed when after September financial crisis in the country and my company started laying off workers!

I kept on praying and survived two lay-offs last year . Everybody thought with two lay-offs it was over. But I kept on praying and fast for 21- days from November to December 2008 and did Esther fast as well on two occasions with Psalms 27 and 91 you gave us.

On the 31st December after praying to close out the year in that special 27 minutes prayer program, I dreamed and saw myself among a group of people with a man dressed in white and everybody hand was raised struggling to receive something from him.

Though I was standing at the back he still managed to find my hands from the raised hands and gave me the gift!

When everybody thought the lay-offs were over suddenly everybody in my company were giving WARN LETTERS on Jan 9, 2009 for possible lay-off in March, 2009.

The affected individuals were to be informed on February 2, 2009 to proceed on leave for the lay-off in March 2009!

Then came the Feb 2, 2009 and about half of the work force were layed off but to God be the glory I was among the selected few people who were chosen to stay to work!

My manager then came to our office and shook my hands and congratulated me for being dedicated to work and that I am part of his plans so I am to remain and work! Praise God!

– Simon, Arizona 

Some people think that dreams mean nothing at all. Not true.

You are about to discover that your dreams can help you shape your life how you want it – and do it in a way that is all gain and no pain.

You’re about to see what allows some people to live the life of their dreams. History shows that the most important ingredient is – Timely Information. Hands down.
If you are surprised the answer wasn’t money, it’s because people with access to the right kind of information at the right time know that there is no shortage of money to be had. Before they lose their money … or the love of their lives … they will have received advance “information”.
The information I am talking about here is the one you receive in your dreams.

Here’s how a few well-known people in history received the information that made them famous. And how they made them real…

Christopher Columbus

He dreamed he heard someone speak to him with the message,”GOD will give you the keys of the gates to the ocean, which are closed with strong chains!”

The dream inspired him to pursue his scheme for a voyage westward…He went ahead to break the boundaries of traditional navigation and discover AMERICA.

Charles Dickens

He is one of history’s greatest novelists. One night Charles Dickens had a dream he saw a woman in a red shawl with her back toward him. “I am Miss Napier,” she said as she spun around.

The dream didn’t mean anything to Charles at first. But the next night after giving a literary reading some friends came backstage and introduced him to a woman they wanted him to meet. Her name was Miss Napier. Charles’ dream helped him find love of his life. 

FAMOUS PERSON #3: Albert Einstein

20th Century’s greatest scientist. Hear him tell the dream that changed the world:

“I was sledding with my friends at night. I started to slide down the hill but my sled started going faster and faster. I was going so fast that I realized I was approaching the speed of light. I looked up at that point and I saw the stars. They were being refracted into colors I had never seen before. I was filled with a sense of awe. I understood in some way that I was looking at the most important meaning in my life.”

Years later, Einstein said, “I knew I had to understand that dream and you could say, and I would say, that my entire scientific career has been a meditation on my dream.”

What's The Common Thread In The Lives Of These Famous People?

They did not ignore their dreams. They had the will to act on their dreams. They focused like a laser on their dreams and organized their lives to make their dreams a reality.

All Dreams contain vital information and understanding them may be crucial to living a successful life.

People that do not understand their dreams have the same desires as everyone else. But their lives will remain unfulfilled because they lack information that should help them succeed.

Dreams have been known to help people solve scientific problems, paint a masterpiece, or improve at sports.

Here's MORE Proof That...

Your dreams can help you:

✅ Compose great songs – one of the greatest composers who ever lived, Mozart said he received many of his most glorious compositions through dreams.

✅ Write great books – Robert Louis Stevenson struggled for days over a short story that refused to take shape until a dream transformed it into the classic “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

✅ Invent cures for dreaded diseases – If Dr. Jonas Salk had chosen to ignore his dreams, the polio vaccine might never have existed.

✅ Improve at sport – world champion golfer Jack Niklaus told a reporter in 1964 that he used dreams to achieve championship success.

Whatever your desires are you need to have timely information and this information oftentimes is delivered in the dream.

But Is This Scriptural?

You will find at least 28 descriptions of dreams in the Bible. Famous Bible characters like Joseph and Daniel were known for their ability to interpret dreams.

There are many examples in the Bible where GOD used dreams to give vital information to people.

Like Solomon

Like Joseph (in the New Testament).

Even in the life of our Lord Jesus…

Dreams Were Critical To The Life And Death Of Christ!

GOD still uses dreams to give important information to people. Even TODAY!

(I explain this step by step in the ebook.)

Now, how would you like to know, purely from a biblical perspective and in simple-to-understand language:

… and much, much more!

Now you can make the first step towards applying a long-lost biblical technique to understand your dreams. And best of all, you can take action to make your good dreams a reality while cancelling the bad and the ugly.

View this technique at home and apply it to every dream you have from now on. It can stop an unwanted situation before it starts. It then flips that unwanted situation into a good and positive one. And it takes about 15 minutes to apply.

"3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself"

#1: Am I ignoring my dreams?

#2: Is it possible that GOD has already given me the key to my happiness in the dream … and I did not recognize it?

#3: Could I be the next Charles Dickens who found the love of his life … or even the next Columbus who will receive the key to his own ocean of wealth, success and happiness … through the dream?

Introducing: THE DREAM CODE

I know a woman in England who could have saved her marriage if only she had a little insight into this one dream she just had (see her tragic story on page 35 of the ebook).

Recently, because of numerous letters I receive from my readers who do not understand their dreams, it suddenly dawned on me that…

Most People Are Failing On Their Beds

Before they even have a chance to wake up in the morning!

If they could somehow have a little insight into their dreams. Plus, what these dreams mean in the spiritual realm… and what action to take to deal with them…

We all could avoid many of the heartbreak stories we read about everyday!

In December 2005, I was led to host an online event — the Prayer Marathon — during which I explained in detail the meaning of dreams and what action to take to deal with them.

I received 175 success stories in the first 9 weeks after the event. Since then I have continued to use this format countless times with great success.

But, you couldn’t learn how key information can be extracted from your dreams unless you were in the Prayer Marathon event or studied the principles with someone who has experienced it.

Last summer, I put together 91 of the most common dreams people have (you may be having them too), plus 111 of the prayers we used during those live sessions. This is now available to the general public as an ebook for a short time only.

This ebook includes deep insights into the common dreams you could possibly have. I also include a special step by step prayer program at the end. Read the ebook in its entirety the first time through. Then read it a second time with the notes in your hands.

The ebook is 88 pages long. You can read it all (and digest this information) in one sitting.

You will discover:

Once this information is in your hands, you can quickly, efficiently and effectively see where you need to work on … in order to manifest your success dreams.

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“Thank you for your teachings concerning dreams. After battling with a monster who was holding a young man captive in my dream. I was provoked to go to hospital to pray for HIV patients after a one week fasting and praying although I am not a pastor. In fact all the ten patients I prayed for tested negative, the doctors are now investigating on their medical records.”

– Innocent

“Though I am a wide reader I have never come across books with such a deep revelation of the spiritual world. Your books are awesome , practical & not like any other I have read…”

– Lynette

To show you how powerful your dreams can be, please allow me to give you a small taste of what happens in my email coaching sessions:

"He Saw It In The Dream - And Cancelled It Before it Happened"

“My name are John from Kenya. I work and live in Dubai and my wife lives in Kenya.

On Sat. 24-01-09, i had a nightmare, i saw a very big fire burning down a business and i was about 50 metres away coming towards the burning business.

Suddenly it turned that my wife was in the burning business and i could see ambulances rescuing people from the burning shop.

A person saw me and ran towards me stopping me from going near the fire and i noticed he was trying to stop me from seeing what was going on, since it seemed that one who looked like my wife was among the victims.

Then an ambulance from the scene passed next to me heading to hospital and i noticed my wife in it, badly burned.

I woke up in great fear and i heard a soft voice telling me to cancel that nightmare.

I said, “Let satanic fire be put off by the blood of Jesus, I evacuate my wife from satanic fire in Jesus name…” and i continued as the Holy Spirit enabled me.

On 27-01-09 i sent her some money which she was supposed to collect on 28-01-09 in Nairobi. On Friday 30-01-09, i called her to ask her whether she collected the money on 28th but she told me that she didn’t go because she had strong force stopping her from going.

Then she mentioned about a supermarket which exploded in flames in Nairobi on the day she was to collect the money.

About 30 people perished in the fire and the bank my wife collects the money from is some hundred of metres from the supermarket.

She told me that everyday she goes to collect the money i send, she must go to the supermarket for some shopping and moreover the time it burned, coincided with the time she always go to collect the money.

All these she told me before i had told her of the nightmare i had.

I thank our Lord Jesus for revealing this scheme of the devil and thank Him for you Elisha for before i knew your website, i didnt know anything to do with dreams, their meaning and how to cancel them.

When she told me about the fire, i heard the same voice say “remember the nightmare?”

– John M, Dubai

This is an example of how to crack your dream code … recognize and cancel bad things before they have a chance to strike!

The ebook could command any price at all because it is rare to find any material approaching the subject of dreams from a biblical perspective. I just did a Google search and could not find a single credible Christian book on this subject.

So what do you think a sound scriptural method on how to understand and take action about your dreams is worth? You could name any price and people would gladly pay it.

Instead, I want this material to be widely available so I am selling it for an introductory price of just $37.

God bless you,

Elisha Goodman
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- Faith, Harare