3 Ways To Receive Answers To Your Prayers This Very Night

Every victorious prayer warrior has a collection of prayers that brings great deliverance and blessings.

In the next 7 minutes I’m going to show you the A-B-C of how to pray so that you receive answers to all your prayers without having to run around desperately looking for someone to pray for you.

This is for you if…

You cannot point to a tangible testimony of answered prayers.

You’re tired and frustrated with praying and praying without seeing any answers.

You’re forced to watch others share testimonies day in day out without anything to show for all your prayer and fasting and good works.

You’re are beginning to feel that God is not hearing you because of something in your past that the enemy keeps reminding you of.

Let me explain:

Imagine that the Lord Jesus is standing right in front of you this minute.

Like the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5)… just imagine you can somehow stretch out your right hand and touch the helm of His garment, like she so famously did.

In the same way that her touch of faith caused her sickness to disappear …

If you have any debts weighing you down, they are cancelled miraculously (and you begin to experience the peace of mind that freedom from debt brings). –>Click here for short e-course>>

✓  Your relationships are instantly restored (you begin to spend your days and nights worry-free). –>Click here for short e-course>>

✓  Even dream attacks and nightmares disappear (leaving only the prophetic dreams where you hear the LORD speak loving words to you, giving you step-by-step guidance in every decision of life). 
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Please note this one thing:

That you can receive answers to your prayers this very night, without having to become a super-anointed prayer eagle.

No matter how stubborn the problem …

Like the woman who just sent me this email:

"He Threw The Wedding Ring At Me But It Was Back On His Finger - In Less Than 24 Hours”

Praise The Lord! I am writing to testify of the Lord’s goodness in my life, yesterday 13th November 2018, I opened my email and found an email: 3 ways to receive answers to your prayer this very night. I read the entire email and decided to trust God for an answer.

I am currently going through marital distress and on Sunday 11th November 2018, my husband removed his ring and threw it at me, saying that he was done with the marriage, after being married in church for seven years.

I decided to take it to the Lord in prayer. I employed three prayers I learned from your emails:

1. Oh Lord, open my eyes to see you and my ears to hear you in the name of Jesus! – this I prayed for two consecutive minutes.
2. Rivers of Marital distress flowing form my fathers side, my mother’s side and my in-laws, dry up in the name of Jesus!
3. Holy spirit, wherever I have been rejected, cause them to come falling head over heals to help me in the name of Jesus!

In less than 24 hours, my husband had looked for the ring and put it back on his finger. He even asked for some time for us to talk whenever am ready. Praise the Lord!!!! Thank you Elisha Goodman for teaching us how to fire at the hidden enemy.

 – Name Withheld  

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What would happen if you do not listen to what I’m saying to you now…

OR … if you choose to do nothing about your situation today?

You may continue to swim in debt (God forbid), wallow in lack, poverty and shame, and watch your life gradually and painfully squeezed out of you…

…  through endless attacks in the dream as you sleep, and in the real world when you awake.

That means you see …

How do I know?

Confessions of a well-trashed prayer warrior

I once suffered so much at the hands of the enemy.

I mean I was beaten black and blue by the devil and his agents, who sometimes masqueraded as ministers of the gospel.

Things got so bad at one point I found myself homeless, forced to sleep under a tree!

After many years of pain and misery, the LORD had mercy on me.

Shortly after He gave me a strong mandate to go forth and show others the way out.

Literally He handed me a paper with 40 “prayer bullets” during a midnight vision.

He made it so simple to understand that anyone could follow it.

And receive answers to their prayers anytime they used the prayers.

There are thousands of praise reports from ordinary believers from 117 countries posted to our websites.

Most of them never believed they could pray and receive answers on their own, all by themselves.

But today, they are counting their blessings. And full of testimonies.

Like Irene from South Africa.

She wrote: 

"How The Prayers Changed My Life”

Your prayers really really changed my life for the best.

Yesterday I collected my new Hyundai Tucson after driving Toyota Yaris for 11yrs. Ever since I came across this ministry 5yrs my life has never been the same.

I have been in great job with a good boss in the past 5yrs because of your prayers. Got married to my husband using your prayers 3yrs ago.

Got my baby boy Lesiba using this ministry ‘s prayers 1yr ago. My family is at peace all because of this prayers.

I was introduced to a great business in Feb2018 that allow me to make extra income around my full time job because of this prayers.

I can go on & on but I’m forever grateful to Elisha Goodman & the whole team for what you’re are doing.

You have really changed my life and now I want to share this site & the prayers with others so their lives can also change for the better

 – Irene , South

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How is it possible to share a testimony like this?

There are just 3 keys you need to know

If you’re a born-again believer, you have already been anointed and empowered to pray and receive answers directly from the LORD.

Believe it or not…

You do NOT need to become a super-anointed person to ask and receive all your heart’s desires…

… so long as these desires are in alignment with the Word of God.

There are 3 simple keys.

Remember what I said earlier?

You can receive answers to your prayers this very night, especially if your ears are “tuned” to hear what the Spirit of the LORD directs you to do during (and after) your prayers.

This is where (almost) all modern Christians are missing it.

They hear nothing during prayer.

Their prayers are not targeted.

They are (sadly) praying amiss (James 4:3).

Please close your eyes and take this one prayer:

O LORD open my spiritual eyes and ears in the name of Jesus.

Please pray it again. For 2 minutes.

So that your spiritual ears may be open to hear what the LORD is speaking to you.

Let me illustrate what hearing in the spirit looks like in real life.

There’s an email I received recently.

The writer was doing very well a year ago -swimming in divine blessings – when all of a sudden she lost everything mysteriously.

She is now homeless.

She has prayed and fasted much yet things are getting worse.

She’s truly baffled, frustrated and at the point of giving up.

Hear her:


I don’t know if it’s faith or hope am losing.

It’s been Year. I’ve prayed. I’ve fasted. I’ve redone the prayer academy. But I’ve move(from staying on luxury hills to being homeless and sleeping in churches or at times with people who can accommodate me.

I don’t where am going wrong. I even no longer hear from God regardless of my search for him.i meditate on his word and the testimonies in your emails.iam chases from place yo place .

I can no longer open my mouth to pray. Ive lost the meaning of fasting.

I no longer know where to turn or who to help me.my pastor also refuses to meet me to stand with me In prayer. Sighting being busy. I’ve prayed Jane’s prayers to employment and some several job applications but nothing.

Iam very tired. If nothing please pray with me not to lose faith. I don’t want backslide. I’ve lost balance totally.

 – Name withheld

What was my response to her email?

I began to read the first sentence. Two seconds later, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Telling me to ask her this question (hint: the answer to this question reveals the hidden root of her problems).

So I ask:

Thank you for your email. 

First question: Did you have sex with anyone you are not married to? 

Please reply 

Her answer came back:

Yes I did. Last year.

Actually,  now remembering. That was the beginning of my losing my job and whereas he began to do the best he’s ever been in life.

(plus other details…)

What happened here?

She is the victim of a well-orchestrated satanic exchange of virtues – in the realm of the spirit.

Very stubborn kind of problem to solve.

However, with the hidden roots of her problem revealed, the problem is half-way solved…

… if she is willing to follow my simple suggestions, she will soon be sharing a shocking testimony of divine restoration.

There are prayers custom-made to target this type of problem where the individual unwittingly opens the doorways of her life and “invites” the enemy to come in.

Do you see how this works?

Without the divine enablement to hear in the spirit, this type of problem will remain unsolved.

So far you have discovered that …

#1: For every problem, there is a prayer tailor-made to deal with it

#2: There are specific targeted prayers to address the specific problems you have today.

#3: Your prayers could be blocked or hindered in the realm of the spirit – the only way to discover the root cause of the problem PLUS the divinely-prescribed solution is to learn how to “hear” and “see” in the spirit through prayer.

If you remember nothing else, I hope you get this one thing:

That you can receive answers to your prayers this very night, without even having to become a super-anointed prayer eagle.

It does not matter whether you are praying for answers in the area of:

✓ Healing and Deliverance

✓ Finances and Debt Freedom

✓ Salvation of loved ones

✓ Job and Career Advancement

✓ Marriages

✓ Relationships

✓ Dreams

✓ Prophecies

✓ Spiritual Warfare

At this point, you might be wondering:

"How can I make this happen for me?"

You have 2 choices:

Either you continue the way you’ve been going … praying blindly (amiss), hearing and seeing nothing in the spirit, getting beat up everyday by the enemy (even in the dream), not even knowing what prayers to pray for what situation…


The second way is to seek help and join the Prayer Eagles Forum today. That one decision gives you access to the #1 gathering place of the Internet’s most effective prayer warriors with 24-hour-a-day access to:

✓ Seasoned Prayer Advisors to guide you

✓ 7 Lessons of the Prayer Academy to equip you to war a victorious warfare in the spirit

✓ Starter prayers

✓ Environmental sanitation prayers (pre-marathon prayers)

✓ Post-marathon prayers

✓ 4 eBooks (loaded with over 1000 prayer bullets to address every conceivable situation)

✓ 1 Special Report (on spiritual vampires that swallow prayers)

✓ 1 printed book with 201 healing prayers (to be shipped to your address)

✓ 24/7 Access to Members Forum (for prayer support from other prayer eagles

Sold separately, all these materials and resources add up to almost 300 USD.

But that’s not the price you’re going to pay.

Before I give you the price, let me clear up this question that someone asked me.

Why Do You Have to Pay to Join?

Please understand that we do NOT sell prayers.

All our daily materials are free.

However …

It cost us thousands of dollars to keep the sites up and running smoothly while keeping your confidential information safe and secure.

All the regular fees / charges to run our programs have been going up sharply, not down.

And since we do not solicit for gifts and offerings to run our operations, we have no option but to charge a discounted fee, once in a while, for a few of our programs like this one in order to help defray the cost of running off this secure platform.

So what’s your price today?

When you order today, I will send you a special unadvertised Bonus as my way of saying “thank you”.

To recap, here’s what you get:

PREMIUM 10-Piece Kit


#1: Printed Book: Prayer of Caleb – incl. 201 prayer bullets – ($47 value)

eBooks & Special Report (6)

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Prayer Coaching

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COMPLETE 9-Piece Kit


#1: Printed Book- Prayer of Caleb – incl. 201 prayer points – ($47 value)

eBooks & Special Report (5)

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#5. “Prayer Cookbook” – ($39.95 value)

#6. #1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt (incl. 101 prayers)

Prayer Coaching

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#8. Access to Forum

BASIC Toolkit


#1: Printed Book- Prayer of Caleb – incl. 201 prayer points – ($47 value)

eBooks & Special Report (3)

#2. Special Report – Spiritual Vampires

#3. “Dream CODE”
– 111 prayer points

#4. Prayer DNA Secrets” – 659 prayers

Prayer Coaching

#7. Specially Customized Prayer Points – After Program

Now imagine yourself a few weeks from now…

With all these prayer bullets in your hands (plus my coaching and guidance), you never have to run around in fear and panic ever again – seeking someone to pray for you.

You become your own personal prophet… able to do all these things without breaking a sweat…

… yes, you will pray and prophesy powerful breakthroughs into your life and that of your loved ones.

You experience peace that surpasses all understanding, knowing that you can always rise to the occasion, take all your problems to the LORD in prayer…

… and expect to receive answers to your prayers… sometimes while you’re yet speaking.

… your future will be full of hope, joy, and great blessings.

For the Bible says:

For surely there is a future hope; and your expectation shall not be cut off – Prov. 23:18

Be An Overcomer


P.S. Think about what it means for you to become your own personal prophet… you become fearless, … able to pray and prophesy powerful breakthroughs into your life and that of your loved ones.

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